IPmatika LLC is a value-added distributor. We provide our partners with:

  • equipment and software for complete solutions in telecommunications, AV, IT and security;
  • education programs;
  • expert consultations and more.

The company was founded in Russia in 2008 Subsequently, we opened new offices in Russia and branches in the CIS (in Kazakhstan, Belarus and Uzbekistan).

IPmatika LLC has expertise in many fields: VoIP, multimedia, AV, conference systems, room reservation systems, panel computers and mini-PC, intercom, video surveillance, network equipment, IoT, etc. Our partners are Yealink, Yeastar, 3CX, Gigaset, Fanvil, Qbic, ITC, VT, J&R Technology, Milesight, Wi-Tek, Door Tablet, Vinteo, Agat-RT, etc. In addition, we supply their solutions to the Russian and CIS markets. The company annually increases its turnover more than 40%.

IPmatika’s mission is to provide clients with telecommunications, IT, AV solutions and expertise to improve business efficiency.



Yealink SIP phones Yealink
Yealink accessories Yealink
Yealink headsets Yealink
Yealink multicell systems Yealink
Yealink SfB / Microsoft Teams Edition phones Yealink
Yealink audio conference phones Yealink
Yeastar VoIP gateways and hybrid IP PBX Yeastar
Yeastar cloud PBX platform and software PBX Yeastar
3CX communication platform 3CX
Gigaset PRO multicell IP DECT system Gigaset
Gigaset IP DECT phones Gigaset
Fanvil IP phones for hotels Fanvil
Fanvil IP phones for call centers Fanvil
VT headsets and accessories VT
Yealink VC terminals Yealink
Yealink VC SfB / Microsoft Teams / Zoom Edition solutions Yealink
Yealink Meeting Server Yealink
ITC paperless multimedia conference system ITC
ITC audio conference system and simultaneous translation system ITC
ITC radio microphone systems ITC
ITC professional audio systems ITC
ITC AV switching and control ITC
Environment-resistant and explosion-proof J&R phones J&R
Fanvil weatherproof & vandal resistant intercoms Fanvil
Switches, LTE-routers and Wi-Fi for busines Wi-Tek
IP-video surveillance and IIoT solutions Milesight
Qbic panel computers, box PC and accessories Qbic



UMD Project CJSC founded.


VoIP segment increasing in the company's portfolio.


IPmatika LLC founded.


IPmatika-Ukraine LLC founded in Kiev (Ukraine).


IPmatika-Kazakhstan LLP founded in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

IPmatika LLC opened a new office in St. Petersburg (Russia).


IPmatika LLC founded in Minsk (Belarus).


IPmatika LLC opened new offices in Yekaterinburg (Russia) and Astana (Kazakhstan).

JV IPMATIKA-TASHKENT LLC founded in Tashkent (Uzbekistan).


IPmatika LLC opened a new office in Novosibirsk (Russia).


IPmatika LLC opened a new office in Kazan (Russia).

IPmatika LLC opened Yealink, ITC and Qbic showroom in Moscow (Russia).


IPmatika LLC opened a new office in Rostov-on-Don (Russia).


IPmatika LLC opened showroom on complex solutions in Yekaterinburg (Russia).


IPmatika LLC opened a new office in Samara (Russia).

IPmatika LLC opened showroom on complex solutions in Novosibirsk (Russia).


IPmatika LLC opened showroom on complex solutions in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

CEOs of IPmatika KG LLC, JV IPMATIKA-TASHKENT LLC, IPmatika-Kazakhstan LLP, IPmatika LLC, IPmatika-Ukraine LLC, IPmatika Bel LLC Pavel Tishansky, Alexander Yusov, Elena Chernysheva, Mikhail Usov, Andrey Burtsev and Victor Levchuk (from the left to the right).

IPmatika LLC hosts professional events and conferences in Russia and the CIS. We also take part in trade exhibitions where we show brand new ideas for the professional VoIP, video surveillance, AV multimedia markets.

IPmatika LLC annually hosts an intellectual quiz game to unify UC&C market master minds.

IPmatika LLC offers training programs (webinars, online & offline seminars) and technical trainings. The main goal of these initiatives is to prepare partners for vendor certification. Educational programs are created by IPmatika LLC.

IPmatika LLC is a certified 3CX training center and a participant of Yeastar Academy International Program. Our technical specialists provide the world's first training course Yeastar Academy Advanced.




IPmatika builds an effective partner channel network that supports end users of all types in all regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

We do shipments across Russia from our own warehouses located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Samara. We constantly replenish warehouse stock.

Specialized service centers are located in most major cities of Russia. The total number of dealers has reached more than 2000 companies in 4 countries.

Why are IPmatika dealers winning?

IPmatika has over 15 years of experience and expertise on the communication solutions market. We provide:

  • balanced portfolio of telecom solutions, quality certified products, low percentage of manufacturing defects;
  • professional product and software localization;
  • high-level technical support, extended warranty periods for equipment and accessories;
  • solution development and presale;
  • warehouses in different regions, guaranteed careful shipment and prompt delivery to partners' warehouses;
  • training and certification;
  • marketing support for partners;
  • demo equipment;
  • showroom of Yealink, ITC, Qbic, Door Tablet, MeetingRoomApp solutions.

IPmatika LLC is annually awarded special vendor awards for being an active and successful distributor worldwide.

In 2018, IPmatika was awarded as Best Distributor of Yealink IP Phone in the World. The company was marked as Gigaset Best Distributor in Russia (based on the results of 2018, 2019, 2021. 2023), Yealink Platinum Distributor in 2015, 2017-2023, Yeastar Top Performance Award 2023, Breakthrough of the Year 2021 (Fanvil), Best sales growth for Wi-Tek solutions in 2022.

IPmatika LLC is a laureate of many awards in Russia and abroad:

  • gold medal of the exhibition TeleCom World (Volgograd);
  • special awards of All-over-IP forums (Moscow);
  • award for “Innovative Technologies and Solutions” (Safety and Security exhibition, Chelyabinsk);
  • a small gold medal of “IT-Siberia. Sibtelecom” exhibition (Novosibirsk) and many other prizes;
  • AV Club Information Leader Award (Online Events nomination);
  • AV Club Information Leader Award (Partners nomination).


Each year thousands of communication projects all around the world are implemented with equipment and software solutions from Yealink, Yeastar, 3CX, Wi-Tek, Milesight, Fanvil and other vendors distributed by IPmatika on Russian and the CIS markets.

Equipment from our portfolio has compatibility certificates from Russian manufacturers (Agat-RT, Eltex, IskraUralTel, Tachyon, SATEL Pro, Protey, Communigate Systems, Mango, Flat Software, Svetets TMS, Proton, Rosa, Minicom, Vinteo). These companies are our technological partners.

Hundreds of government, military, commercial structures, hotels, stores, educational and medical institutions in Russia and the CIS complete their business tasks by using integrated solutions from the IPmatika LLC vendor portfolio or by integrating devices from various platforms into corporate networks.


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Of.284, b.17, Greenwood territory,
p/o Putilkovo,
Krasnogorskiy district,
143440, Moscow region

+7 (495) 926-26-44,
+7 (495) 665-26-44

E-mail: info@ipmatika.ru

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Minsk district, Kopishche,
Lopatina str., 6, room 3,
220081, Minsk region

+375 (17) 3619696,
+375 (29) 361-96-96

E-mail: info@ipmatika.by

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Of. 29, 67/1, Babura st.,
Yakkasaraysky district
100000, Tashkent

+998 78 1222644,
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E-mail: info@ipmatika.uz

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19, Fizuli,

+7 (727) 250 28 08,
+7 (707) 850 28 08

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